It is known from experience that the customer is often forced to request or order changes to the purchased products from the original manufacturer. Demil Tech d.o.o. is able to offer comparable services with its knowledge and technology, orienting itself according to the customer's wishes, without the customer being obliged to use the original manufacturer's equipment.

Our experience, technologies and approvals and certifications enable us to provide complex consulting services in the field of industrial demilitarization, including, among other things, ammunition disposal, warehouse management, introduction of management systems, etc.

We provide services for the disposal of conventional ammunition and recycling of explosives in accordance with the highest safety standards.

The combination of innovative technologies, related to high standards of safety and environmental protection at the "Podoštra" factory, enables the elaboration of all types of conventional ammunition of various calibers with the technical and technological support of the German parent company Spreewerk Lübben GmbH.

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